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Tampons and Analysis Paralysis

8 Jul

So I am still trying to get the hang of this whole couponing thing, and as I went through all of my coupons and sales ads for this week, I noticed that tampons (or at least the kind I prefer) were on sale. I don’t particularly need tampons right now but they are a necessity, so I figured that I may as well stock up while they’re on sale and I have coupons. So, I then started the process of trying to decide where I was going to buy tampons, which coupons I would use, and how many I would buy. Things have been super slow at work this week, so I have, essentially, spent the majority of my 8-5 each day for the past three (two?) days going over coupons and ads with a fine-toothed comb. Its pretty sad. So I finally decide to go with Target’s deal of buy 2 boxes of 54 ct Tampax Pearl tampons (at $6.99 a box) and receive a $5 Target gift card. I have a $3/2 manufacturer’s coupon plus a $1/2 Target coupon, which would put me at $4.98 (counting the $5 gift card) for 108 tampons. Pretty good, right? So I go into Target, pumped to be saving money and, wouldn’t you know, my Target isn’t offering the 2 boxes of 54 tampons=$5 gift card–instead, they are offering 2 boxes  of 36 tampons=$5 gift card. Well, that threw my whole plan off, because I had made calculations down to 4 tenths of a penny for which tampon deal (Target, CVS, Walgreens, or Rite Aid) would be the best deal so I left with no tampons. Sad day. But I did get the hubby-to-be two boxes of Zantac heartburn medicine (7.59 each) for .59 each AND I got two tubes of tooth paste and two toothbrushes for 1.98, so it wasn’t all bad.

Perhaps I am using couponing as defense mechanism–as a means of avoiding thinking about wedding stuff. The wedding is in 24 days and, let’s just say, that I am BEYOND ready for it to be here. So much stress. So many things going wrong. Weddings are supposed to be happy, exciting times, but, honestly, at this point, the only bright spot in the whole thing is that the wedding means I will be married to my love. 🙂