i. am. strugglin’.

25 Jun

oh, yes ma’am, I have been strugglin’ when it comes to blogging. In my defense, though, life has been pretty hectic.

– In April, I was offered a student affairs position at a BIG southern University (is it okay for me to say which one? maybe I’ll wait) which was AWESOME, because I had been unemployed for almost a year and was irr-i-tated about it. BUT the job started the first of May (and in a different state), so I had like 5 minutes to find an apartment, move, and get settled AND hubby-to-be had to quit his job, so money has been, well, non-existent (but that’s a whole ‘nother post).

– Said job isn’t quite what I thought it would be, but I’m making the best of it.

– Rob and I went home last weekend for his bachelor party, my (our?) bridal shower, and my bachelorette party. Fun was had by all, but I will say that bridal showers are kind of awkward. Or maybe its just me?

– Wedding is coming together (thank God, considering I’m getting hitched in t-minus 36 days. woot woot!!). Details to come.

– And, now, a promise:

I promise to be a better blogger.

I love blogs. Like forreals. Blogs are like self-help crack to me (wow that was an odd analogy. wait, is that even an analogy?) and I want to get in on that crack-y goodness, thus, I am going to blog. Really. I am going to make a list (oh how I love my lists) of blog topics/thoughts/ideas and by-God, I am going to blog. Cross my heart. Be prepared for random ridicularity (that’s how I roll) and, hopefully, coherence and relevance.

And on one final note, I will post a picture of Harley, because when all else fails, show off the fur-baby (please excuse the crappy quality of my droid camera):


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