Easy come, easy go, that’s just how you live

3 Mar

It has been a few days, and since I am determined to be a better “bloggess”, I figured I should write.

One reason I haven’t written is because things have been kind of hectic lately:

Job/Work/Lack thereof: Still no job, although I had one interview last week and have one coming up on Monday. Last week’s interview was for a part-time transfer advising job at a community college (which was the exact type of position I’d had for the past two years, albeit that one was full-time). I went in for my interview very prepared and felt like I brought my A game. I got a call the next day saying that I completely blew the search committee away BUT they felt that a part-time position wasn’t the best fit for me, so they’re in the process of trying to get a permanent, full-time position arranged. *fingers crossed*

Money: These past 7-ish months have been my first foray into ‘big girl panty world’… i.e. that world that involves like paying bills and stuff, and the concept of all of the bills coming due at once and having to live for a week on fumes is still foreign and frustrating.

Life as a Housewife: Since I don’t have a job, I feel obligated to play housewife and do laundry, clean up, cook, etc… more ‘big girl panty’ stuff that I’m not used to. I’m really tired of cleaning the kitchen and washing dishes and cleaning up after the fiancé and our roommate EVERY DAY. I know they work hard, but is it too much to ask for them to pick up after themselves? I slaved over a hot stove last night (literally) making a really tasty meal (if I do say so myself) and what do I wake up to this morning? The food still on the stove. Old, crusty, gross pasta and old, crusty, gross garlic bread. If they weren’t going to pack a lunch, couldn’t they at least toss it? UGH. boys. I’m putting my foot down this weekend, though, and we’re going to do a THOROUGH spring cleaning.

Apartment Stress: I am in a bit of a stress pickle right now when it comes to our living situation. Currently, my fiancé and I share a 2 bedroom, 2 bath apartment with Rob’s best friend (and his girlfriend, at least 6 nights a week). Our lease is up April 5. Well… we still don’t know if, where, & when I am going to get a job, thus we don’t know whether to sign another lease with our current apartment (which we love, BTW) or find somewhere else. We don’t want to sign a lease and then me get offered a job and us have to break the lease. Our apartment people will let us sign a month-by-month lease… for $970, which is like $250 more than we pay now, so… no.

Harley: Oh, my spoiled rotten little fur-child. His litter is strewn everywhere (yes, my dog is litter box trained). His toys are chewed up and strewn everywhere. He chewed up his daddy’s Alabama basketball (and Rob is still mad). He peed on the floor twice yesterday. I keep having to chase him under the dining room table, because that’s where he loves to hide when he grabs something he’s not supposed to have (like socks or cotton balls or dryer sheets). It is impossible for him to let me sleep past 9 am and even 9 is a stretch. But… he is adorable. And I love him more than life. 🙂

Pet Peeve: I hate being put on the spot. People tend to think I’m sketchy because whenever I’m put on the spot I have a tendency to just agree and then later change my mind. I don’t do it to be ugly or sketchy or anything–it all boils down to (a) I don’t want to hurt people’s feelings (b) I don’t want people to think badly of me. And there are some people who pretty much won’t allow you to do anything but agree with what they are putting you on the spot about and try to make you feel bad if you try to disagree or they badger you or they make it seem like you suck at life. I hope I don’t do that to other people, because those people that do suck at life.





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