Here comes the bride

23 Feb

I have come to a conclusion: i. hate. wedding. planning. There was a span of about 5 minutes last week, where I was actually kind of excited about the whole wedding planning thing, but now… not so much. To make a very long story short, the fiancé (Rob) and I have been engaged for what seems like an eternity (or basically off and on for the past 4 years, officially on for about the past year-ish) and our date (which  we have changed at least 57 times) is July 30, 2011. All was well and good, until yesterday, when the person who was going to pay for our wedding decided to lose their minds, go completely hateful, and pretty much tell me I suck at life—literally, for no reason, other than asking for this person’s help, considering that this person used to plan weddings FOR A LIVING, and I’ve never been married before and have only attended a handful of weddings, to boot. But, I digress. So, currently, we have no wedding money, no wedding location (because the deposit was supposed to be paid this week, but obviously, that is not happening), and no wedding plans. I know a lot of people pay for their own weddings, and it seems as though Rob and I will be paying for ours, but it would have been nice to know, oh, I don’t know, perhaps 6 months ago that we would, in fact, be footing the bill, so that we could have been saving. But, I digress.

On a lighter note, I love my weiner. Weiner dog, that is. His name is Harley, he is a 10 lb, 7 month old, brown and cream, long-haired miniature dachshund. And he is a handful. Like most dachshunds, Harley is stubborn. And loud. And likes to destroy anything he can get his little teefies (teeth, for those who don’t speak baby/puppy). The dilemma he and I are facing now is that he is, literally, destroying everything he owns. Let me show you:

This is “blue baby”. “Blue baby” was the first toy that Rob and I bought him and Harley carried it everywhere. He did this little thing where he would suck on blue baby’s head and knead his blanket like a kitty. Cutest thing ever. But then… he chewed off blue baby’s tail. Then an ear. Then the other ear. Then he chewed off an arm and ate a quarter of blue baby’s stuffing, so I sewed the arm back on. Well, then he tore it off again and strew half of blue baby’s stuffing around our dining room. I took blue baby away.


This is “Army Man”. I bought “Army Man” for Harley as a Christmas present. I had to take Army Man away from Harley today, because he was, again, eating and strewing stuffing. Army Man used to have a hat, two ears, and a tail… but not anymore.


This is “baby”. I bought “baby” for Harley as a post-neutering cuddle-buddy. Baby originally had a squeaky in each hind foot and a large squeaky (surrounded by stuffing, apparently) in its head. Baby is now just an empty sack. No squeakies. No stuffing. Just a carcass.

This is Harley’s blanket. Harley’s breeder had him and his brothers and sisters sleep on this the night before Rob and I picked him up, so that he could cuddle with it in his new home and be comforted by the scent of his brothers and sisters. Anyways… now that he has chewed several holes in it, I have had to take it away, because the hole in the picture is large enough for him to stick his head through and, as funny as it is seeing him walking around the house with his blanket/cape following him, not very safe.

And, finally… his bed. This is the kennel pad that we put on the floor of his kennel so he has somewhere comfy to sleep. But, apparently, he doesn’t care to have somewhere comfy to sleep, because this is the second kennel pad he has had and he has only had it for a month.

So, my lovely readers, I am taking suggestions for destruction proof (or at least destruction resistance) plush toys and beds for dachshunds. Any ideas?


2 Responses to “Here comes the bride”

  1. Christine Stanley 02/23/2011 at 10:08 pm #

    Louis destroys his toys also (though thankfully he destroys very few things that aren’t his). We got him this ( which has been the only toy he hasn’t managed to destroy. I have taken the dismembered ones, pulled most of the stuffing out and given it back to him. Rope toys hold up ok and he LOVES his baked pork skin bone (

    Hope this helps! 🙂

  2. spindlephotography 04/08/2011 at 4:12 pm #

    Oh how familiar I am with wedding woes. I hated planning my wedding too! I am so happy now to help brides with planning because the stress isn’t mine, you know? I’d be glad to offer support, advice, or wine if I can 🙂

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